The Commonwhore. Yes, that seems to be the joke if you are not from Virginia the Commonwealth state, it is the Commonwhore state. Cities have even acquired nicknames such as Fairfax, a.k.a. Fuckfax, because you are most likely to have a run in with the law or the DMV because of the law. My mum moved to VA a few years ago and within one month got pulled over twice; one to remind her to change her plates within 30 days to VA and the other for speeding 3mph over. I know they have speed limits for a reason, but 3 mph?? Anyway, she never got a ticket for either, the cop simply wanted to make sure she was in line with VA law and that she not forget it.

As a new driver in VA, remember these rules:

  • the road is not to share, as commonly thought.
  • if you are not doing 15mph+ over the speed limit in the far left lane(s), you should not be in them.
  • signaling is optional. Signaling one second before making a move is acceptable, but again, not necessary.
  • you must begin inching foward before a light changes green or suffer honking behind you.
  • it is acceptable to pass on the right on exit/on ramps.
  • if you do not drive a $40k or above vehicle, expect to be passed. Fast.
  • you will be expected to move out of your lane if not moving with the 10mph+ flow of traffic, if not you will be prodded at close distance until you do move. Remember, the road is not yours to share.
  • make sure to give yourself 2-3 hours when dealing with the DMV, and this is not a joke! If you forgot some paperwork, allot another 2-4 hours for traffic back to your house, pick up the paperwork, traffic back to the DMV, and more wait time. You may find yourself standing for half the time in the DMV building. Do not expect a smile from your DMV server and small talk may be received with a callous look of confusion.

I am sure there are other rules I am forgetting, but this should get you started.

Back to work.