MAN! Going to a live basketball game was awesome! I loved it! I didn’t know what to expect in terms of the stadium, the sounds, and I never had so much fun paying $7.00 for a beer! Well, actually my boyfriend bought the beer, but I had planned on getting raped.

I had no idea all the cool things that go on during a game that you don’t see on T.V. like what goes on during commercial breaks. There was a group of kids that came out and did some breakdancing, there was R.C. ad balloons with little air engines that were directed around the stadium during halftime, they had Chipotle dancers giving out burritos (I was hoping they’d chuck ’em haha) and even people from the crowd got to answer quiz questions and practice shots. I was a little daunted by walking up to our seats because of the sharp angle upwards. It seemed one wrong move or wind might blow you over to your death! There was intriguing sounds too….One in particular was from those plastic blow up sticks that people were smacking together. It echoed off the metal rooftop and sounded pretty neat.

Well, I’m hooked. The next time I get to go to another game I’m so down! Too bad they didn’t win, but they made a honourable comeback in the 4th period, close but no cigar.


On another note, I was really saddened to see this this morning:

Stephan Hawking Sings

Kind of…..well, sad people would pick on such an amazing guy. Whenever I see him I am enthralled how such a debilitated person has such amazing brain power. It’s funny how a person’s life evolves, no? Rather twisted in some cases such as this one, and makes me bow inside to the fruition of his achievements.