So, last night I stopped at Target and got a digital body fat weight scale to be able to precisely track my progress. It’s really difficult to continue on track of anything without visual proof to yourself that you are in fact progressing! I was actually surprised by my body fat results, but not so surprised by my weight. First of all, I don’t think I’m “fat” but I definitely am not very healthy as I have spent a good 7 years not thinking about the consequences of my actions including but not limited to: smoking, drugs, eating way past 8pm, excessive alcohol, not eating, over-eating, etc. Hell, when I was 16 I remember I told my mum I wanted to model for magazines, nothing special, just Wal-Mart and the like. She told me I was not only not cute enough, but too short and that just rocked my world. I spent about a year not really eating anything other than honey and the school lunch french fries (those were the favorite for everyone at my HS, they were dank)!

Anyway, here is day one’s results:

  • 133.8 lbs
  • 28.6% body fat

I definitely will be watching that body fat number go down as I’m not concerned so much with my weight. I am confident of a range of 125-140. I never seem to really go past 135 no matter what I do to myself lol!


All righty then….I’m a little….no I’m extremely ticked right now as I wrote a whole damn near page and somehow in the “publishing” phase I lost ALL my text.  And now I can’t edit or go back and it’s all gone.  Fuck.