As I drove to work this morning I spied a gentleman driving next to me in one of the new Dodge Chargers, and judging by his position and stance in the car I pictured that he bought that car in the essense of the old days.  I can only imagine he had an old school charger at one point, or if not, he wanted one or some other muscle car.  Now he has a Charger and I’m sure he’s lovin’ it!  Again, this is all speculation of course, but it brings me to the point of my thoughts – the way humans hang onto the past.  The only other way I can think of that other animals use the past is for future success.  They will remember you if you feed them regularly or treat them well, they remember not to go to certain places if they get hurt there, et cetera.  They don’t use “memories” quite the same as we do.  They don’t look back and say “Ah, what a great time I had on that journey to the water hole, I can’t wait until the next time!”, haha!

Also, I was wondering why most car makers are bringing back all the old school hits.  Is it because they are out of ideas?  Demand for the old by the consumers?  Or a combination?  A part of our human-ness is relishing the old, the things we enjoyed when we were younger.   I guess the reason most people try to get back to what they used to enjoy because it renews something they felt at one point in time, something to refresh themselves.  Why don’t more people relish the present instead of the past?  I see a lot of people that concern themselves with the future or the past but find it difficult to concentrate on the now, the today, or the present hour.

Just something to think about.