For some time now I’ve been confused and mildy concerned that maybe, just maybe my speedometer hasn’t been working properly but the more I think about it the more that is least likely the case. If it were not working right, it would have to be off by over 10 mph and that’s just nuts. You see, people pass me like crazy on my way to work and I know people speed around here, but everyone passing me is a bit strange I think. So, this morning I said screw it and pushed the pedal down to catch up with everyone and lo and behold, I was going 75-80! In a 55 mph zone!! What the hell is wrong with you people? What is so important at 8am that you need to be doing 20+ over the speed limit? Are you in such bad standing at your job that can’t afford to be late once or twice? Are you so concerned to get to you ball and chain that you have Mario Andretti your ass up there? Is it just that you want to be ahead of everyone? I notice that people out here will pass you for no apparent reason at times, other than they just don’t like to be behind anyone. Strange. Sounds like a complex to me!

Oh and de-de-de-deh! Music please…..Well I was going to post theNFL theme song here, but can’t figure it out yet for wordpress. Here is the link, enjoy!
NFL Theme Song!!!