By Michael Crichton.


I read this book over the weekend and it was great to say the least! I never thought to pick up a Crichton book. In the past I’ve mostly read fantasy books with mages, dragons, and sorceresses, or books about neurology, biology, and social sciences.

This “State of Fear” is a fictional book but emphasizes a true phenomenon, a way of controlling society with an idea (usually on unproven ground) and then utilizing the media to create a state of fear. Example: Eugenics back in the early years of the century, a highly disturbing way of thinking to say the least. I am however, unsure of his statement of benzene…something along the lines of it being ok or harmless? As I understand it, benzene can cause dizziness, convulsions, rapid heart rate, and death. I have yet to find any site describing it otherwise.  I am also finding a lot of bashing of this book by sites like <a href=””>NRDC</a&gt;, and though I understand that this book is clearly fiction, there are real graphs in the book from real government sites regarding weather and climate.  I mean….I’m definitely going to have to dig on this one.  I’m always a skeptic…..

The book itself was based on the “threat” of global warming, which apparently to this day is not a proven problem, or impending catastrophe as some might say. I personally was one that thought global warming did exist in the sense that we were destroying the earth, the atmosphere, and that eventually everything would die out. Quite the contrary….it seems that there are constant trends throughout earths history that show cold to warm, warm to cold. Antarctica itself is actually getting thicker and colder.

Quote: “We are also in the midst of a natural warming trend that began about 1850, as we emerged from a four-hundred-year old cold spell known as the “Little Ice Age.” end quote. See Author’s Note in this link.

Anyway, there is a ton more to ponder from this book and I found it quite intriguing! If you don’t mind 600 odd pages, I highly recommend it, and to come to your own conclusions at the end of course!