I got a Naked Chicken Mole (moe-lay) Burrito today and it’s just fantabulous. As I enjoy this jumble of flavours I think how there are a few wonderful things in particular that entice me into the Naked Burritos, like how it’s so much easier to shovel into your mouth without the messiness of a burrito, or how 12 ingredients thrown together becomes this mush that isn’t necessary to chew. Just spoon and swallow. What’s also a plus is the exciting burn on my tongue and having my nose run from the intense level of Capsaicin in the Habaneros, ah that’s the stuff. The hotter the better, and really, Habaneros aren’t really that hot at all. I can’t quite compare the pain of hot peppers to Wasabi though….it’s more of a clearing of the nostrils with Wasabi. However, keep your tongue on the lookout for these little beasts:

Those little bastards are Chile Pequins, oh so innocent looking but do not be deceived! I dare you to put about 3 in your mouth and chew.  Sucker.

And you know, I love cilantro too. Great stuff. Just munching on a cilantro leaf is as satisfying as munching a mint leaf.

Too bad I don’t have some Patrone here at my desk because that would be a perfect sipper, a nice wash over the mêlée in my mouth. *sigh*