Another book review by me.  This past weekend I read Alien Influences, a unique story about 8 kids called the “Dancer Eight” that get charged with murder of other kids, murders they did in fact commit but had good intentions and didn’t think they were killing.  These kids are introduced to a species called Dancers so they could learn to get used to and appreciate other species and eventually sneak on their own to watch the Dancers.  The kids want to grow up so they can leave their planet, Bountiful, as kids aren’t allowed to leave.  They copy a ritual performed by the Dancers that requires their hands to be cut off and heart and lungs removed, but they grow back as your teeth do when you are a kid.  So, the kids perform this ritual on each other with less than satisfactory results obviously.  There is a twist to that though, but you’ll have to read the book 🙂

So, the Eight get put on trial and are convicted and seperated (well, one commits “suicide” before sentencing), and eventually they become slaves basically.  The leader John however, eventually gains his freedom and becomes a bounty hunter and as fate would have it, lands him a job back on Bountiful which is now deserted of humans because of a widespread drug addiction to the native herb Salt Juice.  He ends up going to visit the Dancers even though he’s not supposed to because of their previous Influence on him and the other kids, and they welcome him and he is happy.  What he doesn’t realize is that he is starving and about to die becaues they just want his soul for wisdom and the creature he had been hired to capture saves his life.  John takes the creature back to it’s home planet and the creature fills him in on a secret about the other 7 and their “suicides”.  Now John is on a mission to find each of the 7’s souls [kept in jars made by the Dancers] and the story twists some more.  You’ll have to read it to find out the ending!

The end lol 🙂  If you like sci-fi this is a neat book, enjoy!