I was listening to Pacifica.org and Democracynow.org this morning on 89.3FM and they were talking about Guantanamo Bay and it hit me.

I had a dream over the weekend that I was trying to join the Air Force (again) and I went on this trip to a place called Gareda (Solomon Islands) or Geneva (Switzerland), some place with a G, which I think was actually Guantanamo Bay but my brain didn’t know it. Anyway, there were soldiers stationed there and I recall bad things happening to both the natives and the soldiers. Some people killed themselves.  I don’t recall who was in the wrong or what they were sparring about, but people were getting hurt. So, this morning when I heard about the Guantanamo Bay, I was sure that’s what I dreamt about. Mind you, the strangeness in all this is that I rarely in a blue moon listen to NPR or talk radio and I just think it’s one of those strange happenings that appeared to me to explain that dream. I researched Guantanamo this morning to learn what it was all about as I really didn’t know what it was. I find it interesting I dream about things I don’t have any clue about, yet they correspond with worldly events. Also though, I’ve been trying to pay a bit more attention to all my dreams because I keep experiencing things within them a few days to a few months later. Some of my dreams are just outlandish though and I know they are just dreams, nothing more.

Anyway, curious.