Have you ever had one of those morning where you didn’t quite want to sit down yet? Not because you aren’t ready to start the day, or turn on your deskphone and let the calls roll in, but because of that half cup of corporate coffee that rips through your system like Olestra. Yea, well, it goes without saying my morning has started out quick and on time haha 🙂

Anyway, I installed the old Tomb Raider II on my PC this weekend and was then told about the new Tomb Raider: Legends for 360 and just had to buy it.


It’s fabulous! I love those puzzle games although you might not think so watching me play. I get pretty upset and tensions are high getting stuck and frustrated on certain parts. It’s a game where you truck along for maybe 30 minutes then come to a point in the game where you could spend another 30 minutes, just on that part. I’m actually trying to get off work early just to go feed my addiction ^_^